Unlike other groups who might consider monotonous drum beats with random breakdancing a “show”, the Wrecking Crew offers uniquely coordinated routines with lighting, audio, video, choreography, crowd interaction and more. Options for customization and line item add-ons such as dancers, aerialists, fire twirlers, etc are also possible.

The Wrecking Crew offers a variety of options to meet your event and budgetary needs. They are especially effective as event/session openers and/or closers but we also offer lighter intermission sets (in the lobby or between presentations) that are fun and interactive.

We understand that it isn't always a practical option to use the full show with full production due to room size, staging area, budget, event purpose, etc. Below is a list of options that vary by number of performers, production availability, environment (indoors/outdoor, day/night, room size, etc), and other event parameters to give you an idea of our flexibility.

We can also customize shows based on themes, holidays, brands, etc. We also help create routines for commercials, marketing, branding, and high profile events.


The 'Big Show': Full cast of 6 - 8 performers with full production (professional sound reinforcement, professional lighting, required staging needs, required power, large convention projection screens with projectors). This option has the biggest impact experience visually and musically.

  • Large Screens
  • Technological Interactivity
  • Coordinated Lighting Package

The 'Kinda Big Show': Smaller cast with 5 - 6 performers with reasonably full production (professional sound reinforcement, professional lighting, required power, adequate staging). Same great show, optional static screens.

  • Optional Screens
  • Less Technological Interactivity

The 'Smallish Show': Smaller cast with 4 -5 performers and bare minimum production (professional sound reinforcement, professional lighting, required power, adequate staging). Same show with less bells and whistles.

  • No Screens
  • No Technological Interactivity
  • Limited lighting possibilities



The Wrecking Crew offers a variety of show ideas, routines, and configurations that are designed specifically for smaller environments meant to be experienced more intimately and up close. These options vary in cast size and instrumentation based on the specific event. The performer(s) may roam and perform one or more routines in several locations over a period of time (convention halls, trade show/product unveiling booth, a large open festival area, etc). Or they may be planted at a location where there is moving client traffic.

There are SOLO, DUO, TRIO, and QUARTET options to choose from. The performances are fun, trick filled routines full of impressive chops that will entertain. Think of this as a 'busker in the park' approach.

Options aren't limited to the STOMP-style (buckets, trash cans, etc) and can include a wide variety of instrumentation options. Below are some other examples:

  • Solo Drummer (snare solo [marching & rudimental], drumset, multi-percussionist, bucket drumming, electronic drum(s), hand drumming, world percussion, etc.)
  • Solo & Ensemble Keyboard Percussion (Vibraphone, Marimba, Electronic Mallet Kat, Bells.)
  • Drum Duo (2 snare drummers choreographed, 2 drumsets, 2 multi-percussionists, 2 bucket drummers, 2 electronic drummers, 2 world/hand drummers.)
  • Drum Trio/Quartet (2 snare drummers and a bass drummer, 3 snare drummers, 3 multi-percussionists, any combo of earlier options).
  • Rock Band with Wrecking Crew accompaniment (similar to Blue Man Group).
  • DJ/Drummer Combo (DJ spinning any style with 1 or more drummers/percussionists enhancing the performance using any of the options listed.)